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Comments (253)

  • SarahBlack


    1 year ago

    Joel is amazing.

  • astralTYRANT


    1 year ago

    Watching this leaves me just awed at how much effort was put into this season - and the rest of 'em, for that matter. Thank you so much for releasing this! You guys looked like you had so much fun doing this.

  • SJFman


    1 year ago

    Man I wish they would release the raw of this somehow

  • Syphan


    2 years ago

    Was that the Metas sniper? or church

  • ZacharyJr


    2 years ago

    I really like this kind of thing, i've heard its all on the box sets but they're still quite expensive and shipping to the UK is just a hassle :(

  • haribo


    2 years ago

    It would be awesome to see more of this, I love it :P

  • thegong


    2 years ago

    Officer Tucker?

  • SpecOp2270


    2 years ago

    to Burnie in his last statement:
    Season 10 was great you said in the last scene of the table read you wanted it to be as awesome as possible but now my question is how are you guys going to top that in season 11?

  • Android343


    2 years ago

    Because Jason, thats why.

  • JohnyBelcastro

    JohnyBelcastro Johny

    2 years ago

    Why does Jason have a molestache?