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Comments (4828)

  • CrassXbox


    2 months ago

    who is carolinas mom?

    • zach94


      1 month ago

      Allison maybe? (not Tex)

  • ShadowC499


    2 months ago

    feels...such feels

  • Rodger446


    3 months ago

    I was listening to Now That We've Come So Far in class the other day and started tearing up, this is the effect that red vs blue has had on me
    Keep up the good work Roosterteeth and Jeff Williams (& CO.)

  • hawks11champ


    3 months ago


  • Coragamy


    3 months ago

    I have never cried watching a movie, except for Marly and Me. This almost got me.

  • BrandonAshe


    4 months ago

    the feels in this is real

  • Dracognia94


    5 months ago

    This is so frickin' terrific that I can't even put words to it. Great episode, great show. Cool, suspenseful, funny and touching...
    Love. It.

  • BasselToubbe


    5 months ago

    Well we all know the Director is Agent Carolina's father. It would have been an even sadder episode if she called him dad a few times, or if he called her by her actual name.

  • Camschnell


    5 months ago

    Epsilon's speech at the beginning always got me. This is by far one of my favorite episodes.

  • ColinBusick


    5 months ago

    I've gone back to watch this episode so many times.

    The line "Hello Agent Carolina. Would you like to watch this file with me?" gets me every time. That, and as NicholasNea1 said, when Church swaps between the memories of the other A.I. fragments. Especially the anger in Theta's voice.