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Comments (1592)

  • agentwash41


    3 months ago

    wash has blonde hair when did this happen

  • sarahbellum


    4 months ago

    Still confused as to how Maine ranks below Wash back in Project Freelancer????? And he always had. Even at the beginning of Season 9 he wasn't up there above the twins or Wyoming. I always noticed that in the beginning when they introduced the list it was Carolina and York on top so I just assumed without noticing that Maine was 3rd, considering what a good soldier he is. I just don't get it in this.

  • Freelancer51


    1 year ago

    I knew Sigma was trouble when he flamed in, (but in all honesty he was only trying to be what all of us strive to be: complete).

  • Spiffynitsua


    1 year ago

    Am I the only one who saw the RT logo on Theta's skateboard?

  • Nyxxxxxxxxxx


    1 year ago

    Now looking back at this I understand that Xi and iota are Carolina's AI. Maine got both of them and for those people saying Xi and Iota couldnt have been Carolina's because she has Sigma, she gave him to Maine as stated in this episode

  • BeristainBro


    1 year ago

    I like wyoming's mustache

  • DRF24


    1 year ago

    "I will be joining you shortly." I JUST got that! Holy heck.

  • Animia


    1 year ago

    Theta with his skateboard is so adorable <3

  • tayleramos97


    1 year ago

    I still say it's impressive that they were able to get Elijah Wood to play Sigma.

  • Ahlivianne


    1 year ago

    Washington's hair!