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  • PSA: Higgs Bozos

    Red vs. Blue: PSA: Higgs Bozos

    The RvB Science Team discusses the Higgs Boson. Watch now and learn absolutely nothing about the thing that created absolutely everything.

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Comments (690)

  • toocoolad


    11 months ago

    I sometimes think that Caboose just ACTS stupid because people think he's stupid. Which would explain why he tries to kill his own teammates. I mean, the guy is amazing at electronics and has speeches like this one and great at keeping people together! And people think he's dumber than a bag of wet hair!

  • NOKlA


    1 year ago

    Caboose's words of wisdom were so beautiful I even saved it. Here it is for anyone else that wants it.

    Caboose: "Sometimes I wonder if there's things we'll never explain. You know, like... You know, what if we did answer all the questions? You know... Would we live on forever, happy with our triumph over ignorance? Or is ignorance just a common enemy that once destroyed, would leave our species without a reason to carry on? I guess it doesn't matter what the answer is... because even if supreme knowledge did bring about the end of our species, the thought of obtaining it is just what would keep us together. You know? People will always look up at the sky and just wonder why we're here. WATER BISON POWERS, ACTIVATE!" smiley12.gif

  • Jimminy


    1 year ago

    caboose has water bison powers? does that mean he was bitten by a radioactive water bison or something? i guess its one of the major mysteries of the universe

    (in all seriousness though, very funny psa, well done RT)

  • Scattershot


    1 year ago

    2:25 to 3:05
    Caboose's words of wisdom

  • HALOgamer997


    1 year ago


  • jesters4411


    2 years ago

    You know why are we here. We don't do anything really. We have jobs live but no real purpose. It is a mystery we don't think about.

  • Easyrider


    2 years ago

    Damn, RoosterTeeth...that was actually a pretty beautiful thought. #nerdgush

  • ExoticRogue


    2 years ago

    i think i just got outsmarted by caboose... whatever anyway


  • ExoticRogue


    2 years ago

    caboose:if i have light speed does that mean grif has heavy speed

    grif:stop it

    me: LOL

  • ShadowSnipr


    2 years ago

    We learned about the Higgs Bozon in Chemistry today. I think I will send this to my teacher.