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  • Red vs. Blue Season 10 Preview Trailer

    Red vs. Blue: Red vs. Blue Season 10 Preview Trailer

    Season 10 begins May 28, 2012. Music [Explicit] on: iTunes: http://bit.ly/LYmU4p Google: http://bit.ly/KWULrq Amazon: http://amzn.to/KSlnJQ

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Comments (866)

  • BlueLancer


    10 months ago

    I miss Project Freelancer. Red Vs. Blue is still awesome don't get me wrong...but I just miss the Freelancers.

  • gwill100


    2 years ago

    well I think red vs blue is the best video clip series in the world

  • ShadowSnipr


    2 years ago

    This is one of my favorite red vs blue videos ever. Of all time.

  • Aokua


    2 years ago

    This song is the best entrance to a gun fight. EVER

  • yogoo0


    2 years ago

    In the battle of ghosts vs. robots, robots always win.

    ... No...

  • Mike_Dogg


    2 years ago

    Probably my favorite ever

  • drakken534


    2 years ago

    it's in the past remember season 9 same thing

  • sheashea


    2 years ago

    That's amzing but seriously the director and tex dude that is a twist that shouldn't be there

  • MichaelZacMe


    2 years ago

    what is Tucker's name on xbox live ill add him

  • JoshuaMays


    2 years ago

    so can someone explain about that last part with the Director. So are there TWO Churches or Alphas or whatever someone explain please