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Comments (749)

  • toocoolad


    11 months ago

    Each Character has an individual role.

    Sarge, Wash, Church, and Caolina are the leaders of the group.
    Caboose is the person that cheers people up. And he's also good at electronics.
    Donut and Tucker are the jokers.
    Simmons is the loyal but nervous soldier.
    Grif is the slacker that doesn't do work unless it's completely and utterly necessary. Or if you give him a good reason to do it.
    Doc is the nice guy.
    And Lopez is the guy that has all the good ideas that no one listens to!

  • Xx360SwagxX


    1 year ago

    if i ever join the army, i want caboose to led me.

  • Generalderp


    1 year ago

    I hate sarge he's very dumb
    Cause.he blames.everything on grid then does'nt listen to the real answer

  • LudwigRP


    1 year ago

    Simmon's job is to kiss ass.

  • LudwigRP


    1 year ago

    Poor Caboose. Has to find a new best friend because Church's gone. :l

  • abucket14


    1 year ago

    sarge made to much sense about the pacifist thing

  • LuisArbulu


    1 year ago

    dude Locus, dont get get close to then because they might accidentally kill you or worst, make you one of their team mates. look at the poor Wash

  • Unitalpha


    1 year ago

    ah Cabose as an officer, seems just like the real officers in the real army, relying on NCO's and regulars to do the thinking and the doing ;)

  • MavAndGoose


    1 year ago

    Anybody else having trouble playing this episode in particular like me?

  • blacl1ka


    1 year ago

    @Nick0319 My thoughts exactly, Carolina and Church?