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Comments (1097)

  • MatthewZumbo


    7 months ago

    when is season 13 gonna start???? I'm dying for more!

  • Kalifornia


    7 months ago

    wait, did Washington just die?

  • Kalifornia


    7 months ago

    is it bad that Felix reminds me of church,

  • PaytonHolmes


    8 months ago

    What was that music when sarge and simmons were in the tank for the first time in the video.

  • LadyLuckLies


    10 months ago

    xD How did I miss that the first time?!?! "Now put those skills of yours to work and start tossing..." *Short pause.* "...Some grenades."

    Tread lightly with words for Donut...

  • caboosekill1


    1 year ago

    yay we all get bombs!!!

  • TurquoiseBat


    1 year ago

    I feel like Burnie must have been running on a crap ton of Game of Thrones when he wrote this episode. lol

  • mikeloeven


    1 year ago

    I hope freckles survives XD

  • LandoRvB


    1 year ago

    @JuliaCybulsk, Totally agree. Tucker has the most memorable lines throughout the whole series. Well besides Caboose of course XD

  • Attackcat007


    1 year ago

    @basseltoubbe: because doc didn't reappear, it could tear apart all organic lifeforms that are used on it... or nobody noticed doc dissapeared