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Comments (2253)

  • AI_Zeta


    3 months ago

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever, of all time.

  • CPL_Mustachio


    4 months ago

    Whats that song playing in the background of Kimball's speech?

  • LatiosXD


    4 months ago

    i don't get it. Why does everyone say Carolina's the director's daughter? They never outright said it, but they didn't leave many clues to go off of. Unless one of the actual guys confirm it, i am not going to believe that Carolina's the Director's offspring.

  • XxThEb0sSxX


    7 months ago

    It cannot be Carolina church because the director liked texas. The ai church is a copy of the director. I think new York liked Carolina

  • toocoolad


    10 months ago

    Michael J. Caboose. Dexter Grif. Richard Simmons. Lavernius Tucker. Leonard Church. David Washington. Carolina Church. Franklin Delano Donut. Lopez the Heavy. Sarge. Frank DuFresne.

  • toocoolad


    10 months ago

    @SkyGuardian1 You're thinking of the actor Richard Simmons that also goes by Dick Simmons.

  • SkyGuardian1


    10 months ago

    Richard Simmons??? I thought it was Dick Simmons???

  • WillUR


    10 months ago

    I feel stupid now, I thought Carolina was speaking to Locus but she was merely listening in on the conversation

  • caboosekill1


    11 months ago

    I feel as if RvB is a survivor game show XD

  • Wh1teRuss1an


    11 months ago

    One of the few rvb episodes that brought a tear to my eye, of know...sadness or something. happy sad tears?