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Comments (742)

  • hawks11champ


    2 months ago

    This episode was YouTube gamers in a nutshell. XD

  • martez13


    5 months ago

    I was watching the 145th Minecraft Lets Play--Feels Fishy-- And it was funny to hear Ray talk about how Ghanoush got his name, so I had to rewatch this and pay extra attention to his and Michael's voices in this.

  • MetalChaos


    5 months ago

    i expected a "That was the worst throw ever. Of all time." from Caboose's grenade xD

  • Chanachon56


    6 months ago

    So thats how the Reds and Blues train

  • Casslouna


    6 months ago

    I love Ray and Michaels cameo in this :)

  • Dancebunny17


    6 months ago

    @fakegunshoot Ray was in earlier seasons

  • fakegunshoot


    6 months ago

    And with the addition of Ray's, we now officially have the entirety of the main six/seven Let's Players (depending on whether or not you consider Lindsey a main Let's Player at this point) in RvB. Yes.

  • JZBurger


    8 months ago

    Love the Achievement Hunter Reference at 4:25 "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!"

  • Jeebus23


    8 months ago

    Any other sponsors still getting adds before the video...?

  • kardboardbox


    8 months ago

    We got Geoff, Ray, Michael, and Ryan in. Waiting for Jack and Gav

    • jkphantom


      1 week ago

      Jack and Gav were actually in the show previously