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Comments (1669)

  • dsheemstra


    11 months ago

    My zombie plan is to get all the baloney in the house, and go up and sit on the roof.
    And then, when the apocalypse is over, I eat some baloney.

  • Aqua113


    1 year ago

    What surprises me most is that Tex is actually going along with this.

  • TARDIS117


    1 year ago

    Caboose is so stupid, that zombies have to grab a flashlight to search for his brains.

  • Caboose29567


    2 years ago

    Church told me that Sheila and I should help the zombies.

  • Bro_Phist_69


    2 years ago

    my other zombie plan involves a bow hundreds of arrows and auto-knee lock on

  • Bro_Phist_69


    2 years ago


  • Bro_Phist_69


    2 years ago

    dude i dont have a survival plan my zombie plan is when the apocalypse hits im gunna grab a machete and take out as many of those mother fuckers before i get to the white house and lauch all the nuclear missiles ever the earth

  • Benji796


    2 years ago

    Probably dig a mote around my house and fill it with some sort of acid.

  • AngelOfTheMad


    2 years ago

    mine would probably go to Red Jacket Firearms (voted the safest plase in a zombie appocolypse by Max Brooks!) with a semi full of non-perishable food items, while using Lopez and Master Chief to cover my escape!

  • Spartan9017


    3 years ago

    Bow chika buahhhhhhhhhhhhh