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Comments (790)

  • Aqua113


    1 year ago

    lol I wonder how many takes it took for RT to get the Chopper into the structure?

  • XcomBull98


    1 year ago

    tucker's power of failure online

  • mithyekayla


    2 years ago

    W T Fuck-Tucker

  • swordking123


    2 years ago

    why is so much blocked out of perrith's comments?

  • vman123


    2 years ago

    smiting is fun

  • DavidNunn


    2 years ago

    isnt that doc's medical thingy

  • inteltrees


    3 years ago

    Lol, Caboose has retard strength

  • SilverDust


    3 years ago

    XD tucker's greatest moment failed with a "f*ck!"

  • Perraith


    3 years ago

    "I just want to let you in my bunk, back at the base, there's a recorder deck. I've pre-recorded about 57 hours of rants which should be applicable in a variety of situations. Whenever you're feeling good about yourself I want you to play one. Then always remember, somebody hates you."

    Sarge is a genius. (And I might have to make my own audio record, filled with 50ish hours of rants, for others to hear whenever they wonder why I think of them.)

    Wait, Johannes survived the freeing of Caboose ?!

    "The Meta... must... have cloaked it." - Simmons

    (In Spanish) "Told you so." - Lopez

    "I've never seen anything like this before either, Lopez." - Simmons

    At this point, I would totally have understood if Lopez killed Simmons and Doughnut.

  • ThisChick


    3 years ago

    Jo-en-is. ^-^