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Comments (3062)

  • wauthar


    3 days ago

    Holy shit. I just now understood what Sarge was saying to The Meta when he hooked him up. "Does that thing look like a big cat to you?"

    Never realized it, but that makes it even more awesome!

  • SpikePrime


    1 week ago

    Damnit guys, how could you not have left this series here, in the perfect place? Everything old is new again, it's bitter-sweet, but ambiguous enough to make up your own mind of to whether this is a 'happy ending' or not, Church is at peace, and it's just so goddamn beautiful. Season nine literally fucked ALL of that up. Not that there haven't been good moments after this, but the seasons following were just so much weaker overall.

    Far as I'm concerned, this really should've been where it ends.

    • angryboy2k7


      1 week ago

      Roosterteeth seem to have a habit of doing this. Blood Gulch Chronicles, Recollection, Freelancer Saga, and now the Chorus Trilogy, they make new seasons that still fit with the lore already set out (mostly) and finish it up in a place that would be perfect to either leave at or continue from...

      Even if the newer seasons are weaker, you've got to admit there are some pretty epic moments that justified making them. And the animations too make it worth watching.

  • hateSNs


    1 month ago

    No matter how many times I watch it, Church's line to Caboose "Don't let Tucker help. He'll just fuck it up" always makes me tear up. I guess it's as close as Church is ever going to get to admitting Caboose is his friend.

  • darianleigh


    4 months ago

    "He's g-gone..."
    "Yes. Grif is dead. Its a sad day. He will be missed... until we get a replacement and forgotten immediately."

    Makes me laugh every time.

  • darianleigh


    4 months ago


    "Wait, I think if we look he might be there."
    "Nah, Grif would want our expectations to be as low as possible. He died as he lived; flat on his belly"

  • HMSheetS

    HMSheetS Addicted to Computers

    4 months ago

    I love season 8, Hell I love all of them!

  • The_Lesser_Known_5th_Horseman

    The_Lesser_Known_5th_Horseman Gentleman

    6 months ago

    This gave me a better philosophical outlook on life more than school ever did

  • METAMAN666


    7 months ago

    Actually, agent Main did nothing wrong. The Meta was Sigma's accumulation of multiple A.I.s that he took from the freelancers it killed. A process that drove Main to insanity and got him drunk on power.

  • TeraBum


    7 months ago

    Well, you finally did it. It took you 8 seasons but you finally did it.
    You made me cry.

  • 35781222


    9 months ago

    no not griff oh wait hes just hanging over the edge