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Comments (234)

  • Perraith


    3 years ago

    Rediculous-ly unstoppable.

    I would hate to be able to see through my eyelids. That would totally nullify the point of having eyelids! Sheesh. And being able to see when you blink?! Crazy.

  • JosephDavis


    3 years ago

    I would get the upgrade for the sake of Caboose. Poor guy, can't sleep cause he can see through his eyelids.

  • jbondyoda


    3 years ago

    Figures Church has an unholy love for the black chat pad.

  • Shiny_Blarg1


    4 years ago

    caboose sounds like he got novacaine or litacaine!

  • bulimba


    4 years ago

    SEASON 9!

  • Blueboy831


    4 years ago

    What was the message of this psa?

  • 60kids


    4 years ago

    God dmnt we need to put a bell on u man

  • dzap787


    4 years ago

    In reply to LOLCast117, #226:


  • LOLCast117


    4 years ago

    In reply to Hayabusa118, #225:

    maybe, theres a trailer right, soooooooooooooooo there may be a season 9!

  • Hayabusa118


    4 years ago

    Hey Everyone, is there going to be a Season 9 ??