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    Red vs. Blue: Trailer

    Get the score on iTunes! http://bit.ly/hiVmtt The continuing adventures of the boys from Blood Gulch and the mysterious agents of Project Freelancer return this Summer!

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Comments (4741)

  • Sonima

    Sonima Walking Crazy

    1 month ago

    Faces! Say whaaaat?!

  • dancenachos


    7 months ago

    For people confused why York is there look at the background when the directer is in the room and the background when York is in the room. It changes, it sets the idea of different continuities. At this point Wash does not answer to the director, he answers to the oversight subcommittee chairman.
    The trailer makes no sense on its own, but in introducing the concept of season 9 it works perfectly.

  • badcarma


    10 months ago

    Greatest season ever of all time..

  • VivienneAnth


    1 year ago

    Funny. How the tables turned? Washington is now #1 of his men not #6. He would sacriface himself for his men.

    As to the last part, he is forced to keep up or at least try. He has his memories to remind him that he is not a average Freelancer but much more then that.

  • JDcrafter


    1 year ago

    The buy the soundtrack link doesn't work :(



    1 year ago

    If only season 12 could upload videos like this

  • DrBobApple


    2 years ago

    @Scrufizza Rage Quit Surgeon Simulator told me that Zero G surgery is not a good idea

  • Scrufizza


    2 years ago

    How is zero G surgery a good idea?

  • Okami21


    2 years ago

    No lie - I've been waiting on the scene with Tex, York, and North and I'm disappointed that Monty never made it.

  • DavidNunn


    2 years ago

    someone please answer this. is this season gonna include the gang or is it just about project freelancer?