• Bad Luck Burnie

    RT Animated Adventures: Bad Luck Burnie

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #60 is Burnie's failed attempt at chivalry on an airplane. Watch as he makes a fool of himself trying to help what he believes are star crossed lovers.

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Comments (143)

  • dstark55


    1 year ago

    This same thing has happened to me. Soo awkward

  • GamingGinger


    2 years ago

    Shout out to the exit door.

  • md1292


    2 years ago

    Good old fashioned family racism.

  • FFAI


    2 years ago

    This is why we can't have nice things. :(

  • 21Skullz


    2 years ago

    Unintentional racism! Poor Burnie just trying to be the nice guy and getting it very wrong.

  • RubenLee


    2 years ago

    Burnie got burned :)

  • Luvbyte


    2 years ago

    You had good intentions. Can't fault you for that!

  • becauseimwil


    2 years ago

    Sometimes it's is best to stay quiet. I usually do on planes. Wow!

  • majedb62


    2 years ago

    This animated adventure in particular has made the story 10x funnier in my opinion, keep em' coming

  • BlestMoon


    2 years ago

    lol, Just had to think the two black people were together huh?! XD