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Comments (149)

  • Dahhhn


    1 year ago

    Wish i thought to hide my shit before i got drunk...

  • Cassner

    Cassner Hail Hydra

    1 year ago

    "Bu-dunk"-Burnie Burns
    "I'm going to get sober Burnie and kill him"-Drunk Burnie

  • Gasman051


    2 years ago

    Fucking won't load!!!!!:(

  • Jpreston


    2 years ago

    ' I'm going to get sober Burnie and kill him!' hahahah

  • RancePrease


    2 years ago

    I feel like Burnie would be great with National Security secrets, just get him drunk and he has no idea what you told him sober

  • Beerbearian

    Beerbearian Possibly A Drunk Bear

    2 years ago

    I should probably start doing things like this before I make a stupid mistake. I won't hide my wallet, but keys and phone, probably a good call.

  • FelixNz


    2 years ago

    I put that bottle down *Ba-dunk*

  • AustinWroble


    3 years ago

    Drunk Burnie FTW!

  • Y0G0Z


    3 years ago

    Drunk Burnie Vs. Ginger Burnie Fight to the death.

  • Gary8767


    3 years ago

    i have never seen a parallel with my life like this ever. i do the same thing. and i also refer to myself drunk as drunk Gary. hell that is my twitter name. vivla drunk self.