• Hotdog Planes & "Pranks"

    RT Animated Adventures: Hotdog Planes & "Pranks"

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #54 explains the most efficient way to control an RC plane with an iPhone and a hot dog as well as reveals a nefarious plan by Burnie to break Gus' mind.

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Comments (195)

  • Firestar1992

    Firestar1992 Pandora

    11 months ago

    I looked up and listened to the AIM podcast today just because I watched this RTAA. Funny, that was also the first time Jack mentioned the K1 Speed go-karts. Now it's like his favorite place to go. smiley12.gif

  • StabbyMcStabberoo


    1 year ago

    That was just too funny

  • Drow77


    1 year ago

    That reaction made my day :)

  • Wynaro


    1 year ago

    "What in the world is AIM?" Quote of the century xD

  • Gavinx3


    1 year ago

    Poor Gus but that was so funny!

  • 5H4D0W_G0D


    2 years ago

    What in the world is AIM?

  • DHJones


    2 years ago

    it says at the end of the videos

  • TheRagingGam


    2 years ago

    Which Podcast is this from?

  • EricHVela


    2 years ago

    Neuroses: For IT people, they's our greatest strength and make us too easy to #@*% with.

  • ianbean


    2 years ago

    I am going to die!!!