• Lost Phone Karma

    RT Animated Adventures: Lost Phone Karma

    Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #57 explains what happens to Burnie when he loses his cell phone in a cab as well as the instant karma Gavin gets for giving Burnie grief about his phone.

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Comments (90)

  • pikagir


    2 years ago

    "Don't hand me things!" Okay, Tony Stark.

  • Brentsteele


    2 years ago

    Gavin is a bleedin' Tommy limey sod.

  • RovilynUmaga


    2 years ago

    "Gavins cell if lost,call cell" -_-

  • VDiaz72


    2 years ago

    I do love Burie Burns. I wonder if he's related to Burnie...

  • AGunnersJack


    2 years ago

    I wonder what kind of pictures that phone was safeguarding.

  • Cornelius13


    2 years ago

    Title says it all

  • Killomania


    2 years ago

    That explains everything, I got into a cab in sydney and saw a phone which i handed to the driver O.o

  • Sewerwrat446


    3 years ago

    ive never lost my phone, lost a couple of knives, some change, and my copy of the karma suture, (i was busy), but then i live in houston outside of the beltway, and anyone who lives here will know what i meanl.

  • Kaoru27Umi

    Kaoru27Umi Vamp

    3 years ago

    the thing I ever left in a taxi cab is a back piece (literally the butt armor) of my cosplay outfit I was wearing... I always wondered what the person who got in after me thought about that smiley4.gif

  • HAKURU_15


    3 years ago

    pay backs a bitch XD