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Comments (305)

  • BeefOrChickn


    1 year ago

    Dancing with the internet stars. . . Hmmmm seems like a short.

  • Chexmix36


    1 year ago

    Why was there no music playing when they were dancing?

  • mattydude

    mattydude GTR R33

    2 years ago

    lol at chris dancing and omg at brandon falling of his board that was sick haha smiley4.gif

  • HelloImKerry


    2 years ago

    For a moment there I thought Chris's trousers were going to fall down. lol

  • emilyjayne1


    2 years ago

    i now believe the stories that Burnie told about Chris on the podcast lol it just seems so him

  • PaganP666


    2 years ago

    Chris has been watching the fairly oddparents.

  • DanChartrand


    2 years ago

    Those are the moves of someone that obviously knows exactly what they are doing. Much better than I could ever do.

  • lolgasm11


    2 years ago

    Chris just doesn't give a fuck

  • ebc2015


    2 years ago

    God, Chris is a legend.

  • Scottaroo


    2 years ago

    What country are brandon and chris from?