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Comments (685)

  • GeoffVader


    3 months ago

    The thing is this isn't nearly as spicy as the ghost pepper but what this does that the ghost pepper doesn't do is it instantly absorbs all the moisture in your mouth, leaving you unable to swallow it or even spit it out properly, so as soon as you breathe in, the cinnamon goes straight down your throat, clings to your larynx, inflaming it, causing you to choke, causing you to inhale again, and worsening the problem. It is far more volatile and dangerous than any pepper because of that.

  • likemice


    3 months ago

    It looks like someone beat the shit out of him.

  • FranFree


    8 months ago

    "Worst than the pepper" Oh dear lord, really? Then again, he was crying way more with this, and had more of a reaction.

    Maybe you should have done the normal spoon, Micheal :P

  • ZviHare


    1 year ago

    So they have a 5 million dollar insurance policy on Micheal right? Thats why he does these things.

  • DorkyDino


    1 year ago

    Did Michael just become a dragon?

  • niall

    niall Bleep Bloop

    1 year ago

    Love how Miles steals his drink. Love Miles!

  • jessn20


    1 year ago

    where was the slow mo instant replay

  • K16Wilkes


    1 year ago

    I don't understand how he struggles at this but not the ghost pepper

  • acearly1


    1 year ago

    I wonder if Michael knew that the cinnamon challenge can give you a collapsed lung. smiley13.gif

  • FoxxyVillain


    1 year ago