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Comments (1042)

  • SonicSkillz


    2 months ago

    Move over Gordon Ramsay, here's Geoff Ramsey!!

  • TahiWilliams

    TahiWilliams Tahi

    3 months ago

    How haven't i seen this yet

  • Saxzor1337


    4 months ago

    Works like a charm.

  • IAmMrPopo


    4 months ago

    Cooking with Caleb:
    1)Put cornbread in pan
    2)The recipe is ruined.

  • Domoniche1

    Domoniche1 Domoniche1

    4 months ago

    I love coming back to this

  • naoremonth


    5 months ago

    Just found this gem. It's so... Geoff.

  • XSirMittensx


    6 months ago

    still one of my favorite videos RT has ever made

  • HollandHaas


    7 months ago

    It's basically Julia Child on "The French Chef" cooking series. A little wine for the pot, a bottle down the throat, then attempt to finish the rest of the show while intoxicated...

  • Raiku924


    7 months ago

    Can somebody help me? I followed the steps correctly, but chocolate chip cookies keep coming out of the microwave instead of the cornbread.

  • TheRobot


    8 months ago

    Cooking with Gavin:
    1) Put food in oven.
    2) Turn oven on.
    3) Burn down house.

    Cooking with Michael:
    1) Put food in oven.
    2) Turn oven on.
    3) Burn food.
    4) Throw food and scream in a fit of rage.

    Cooking with Ryan:
    1) Find cow
    2) Trap cow in hole
    3) Kill cow
    4) Grill it all

    Cooking with Jack:
    1) Prepare all the food in your fridge
    2) Eat all the food you prepared

    Cooking with Ray:
    1) Get someone to drive you to a fast food place