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Comments (444)

  • Jingleheimer


    1 month ago

    Anyone else getting a 404?

  • Lexan1


    7 months ago

    When Micharel chased Miles (or Matt or whatever his name is) an innocent bystander called the police for a Homocide :P

  • JenniW


    7 months ago

    Love the hillbilly music in the background xD

  • Its11AM


    1 year ago

    after 1,000,000 year, i finally found it

  • ZviHare


    1 year ago

    Ketchup? Mustard John Mustard.

  • Ryface


    1 year ago

    I'd love to see this refilmed in slo-mo. Someone get Gavin on this.

  • AshleyBren


    1 year ago

    Oh...gross... having that much ketchup on you cannot be healthy, or something stupid like that. This is the reason why Michael does what he does, and why he is so damn good at it.

  • OpalRider


    1 year ago

    He reminded me of to-face by the end of this video. xD Priceless.

  • JasonKurth


    1 year ago

    This video made Michael my favorite Achievement Hunter member. Long live Mogar!

  • niall

    niall Bleep Bloop

    1 year ago

    And so begins my adventure of all the videos on this site! smiley0.gif