•  RT Life: Cribs and D****

    RT Life: RT Life: Cribs and D****

    Miles and Brandon start a simple walk of their own towards Sin City. Also when you're hanging around Middle Earth, what do you talk about? Maybe Kara knows if she finally gets that tool box closed.

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Comments (91)

  • JadooTrudoo


    1 year ago


  • md1292


    2 years ago

    Kerry is a modern day Descartes.

  • JoeMurrell


    2 years ago

    I'd laugh so much if Kara fell over and broke the box again

  • CptZSLight


    2 years ago

    kerry was funny, brandon was dumb and annoying, and kara just stole the show just because she was there :P

  • HelloImKerry


    2 years ago

    Gets grossed out at the thought of sucking penis but quite happy about sucking own blister juice :P Ughhh Kerry is funny.

  • JosephDavis


    2 years ago

    I really feel sorry for that guide

  • Hi_Voltij


    2 years ago

    This room is soundproof

  • DanielMonge


    2 years ago

    In the last scene Geoff was about to get run over by Kara there.

  • Assassins221


    2 years ago

    I kinda wanted Kara to break the box again on that last scene.

  • MrConall


    2 years ago

    Man that is one badass crib