• RT Life: Jack and Gavin play Tennis

    RT Life: RT Life: Jack and Gavin play Tennis

    Gavin and Jack play a nice friendly game of Tennis in Austin. Oh and the loser has to lick Gus' diseased leg... LETS PLAY!

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Comments (252)

  • TDT_Ultra


    1 year ago

    what song plays durring this video?

  • NoxNoctis


    1 year ago

    @Riodin He actually cusses a lot...

  • Riodin


    2 years ago

    this is one of my favourite RT life, also one of the only times i'v heard Gavin swear.

  • Bree918


    2 years ago


  • wilddukchase


    2 years ago

    This is honestly one of my fave videos. This is where we tease it back is my new life motto

  • sniperwolfe


    2 years ago

    does Jack have underwear on?

  • Church_epic


    2 years ago

    whats the background music called? if so can you tell me so i can download it :D

  • Theory721


    2 years ago

    This is the video in which i first saw Rage quit Michael... and gavin and Jack... I didnt know who they were.

  • Fleynt


    2 years ago

    Its always shocking how much bigger Jack is compared to Gavin

  • GabrielWiden


    2 years ago

    i wouldnt be better then gavin but more furious