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Comments (110)

  • jehanprouvaire

    jehanprouvaire memelord

    1 year ago

    Kyle's first official day at RT.
    Well that took a while to pause properly lmao

  • CodexRising


    1 year ago

    Ohh Miles' giggle omfg

  • Neumann77


    2 years ago

    Anyone else notice that one frame of something after the intro?

  • HelloImKerry


    2 years ago

    Woah, good kick

  • AngelEyez07


    2 years ago

    Would've been smart to just use straws...

  • Bonebag112


    2 years ago

    Kyle's first official day at RT

  • johndariens


    2 years ago

    Wait... last kiss... so u mean this happend before?. Well i guess that explain gavin a little bit...

  • kissez5489


    2 years ago

    i better have some abs after laughing that hard man the kissing thing gets me every time this is like the kinda stuff i would do with my friends. i feel like the roosterteeth peeps are my friends but then i remember they rnt :(

  • Akogara


    2 years ago

    I wish I could share that coffee with Gavin XD but who got the coffee in the end?

  • ababyyeti


    2 years ago

    nice one :P