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Comments (209)

  • Hellspawn15


    1 year ago

    NoxNoctis: dont forget the ghost pepper, he shrugged that off too

  • wintair


    1 year ago

    Keep those nipples frosty Micheal.

  • MikeHenderso


    1 year ago

    @JermamieSanga his entire body is steel.

  • Facepalmer15


    1 year ago

    can all new jerseyians do that?

  • JeramieSanga


    1 year ago

    Michael doesn't have balls of steel he has nipples of steel

  • NoxNoctis


    1 year ago

    Is Michael even human?
    He drank a whole bottle of barbecue sauce like it was nothing, got energy powder dumped into his mouth, ate 12 lava cakes, ate 2.5 pounds of gummy bear, and now this O_o

  • benjamingau

    benjamingau RT NorCal

    1 year ago

    ... I've had some slightly mixed feelings about Michael in the past, but now I know for sure that he is a fricking boss...

  • AlexCooper2


    1 year ago

    if you want to play halo 4 my xbox 360 name is AprilFools21

  • AlexCooper2


    1 year ago

    i did the same thing you did with the freezing spray on each others nips only with an air duster and it sucked

  • erivera09


    2 years ago


    Wow 😂