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Comments (1603)

  • Sharkopath


    4 months ago

    Definitely one of my favorite RT Shorts of all time. Great job guys.

  • JohnHelinski


    4 months ago

    lol didn't notice whoever that is sleeping in the bean bag chair during the rant

  • MorganSearl1


    4 months ago

    Came back here after the 2nd one, ah memories. I <3 RT so much. It was sad seeing Monty so busy though, he really was a huge part of the old office, and is still a large part of RT's animation legacy.

  • lumanson


    4 months ago

    @BrainlessGod They are making a second one, it was part of the Lazer Team campaign

  • BrainlessGod


    5 months ago

    I know this has been said probably a million times...but dear god we need another one of these in the new offices.

  • ShadowDan


    7 months ago

    Lol... make a new one with the new setup guys.

  • MilOovan


    8 months ago

    So many memories :'(

  • ArmedWindex


    9 months ago

    This is consistently funny. Never fails to make me lol

  • BlackhawkTC


    10 months ago

    If anyone could tell me what this song is I'd love you forever.

  • NathairGlas


    10 months ago

    Still love watching this smiley0.gif