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Comments (152)

  • TheRussell15


    4 days ago

    Holy shit shout out to Put Put at 12:30. I thought I was the only person on Earth who knew that game.

  • acfabregat


    7 months ago

    Why did they censor kite?

  • ArtemisArch


    10 months ago

    MIles was talking about Tim and Moby here right?

  • JDunlap

    JDunlap The Dude

    11 months ago

    On Over the Hedge, after making a reference to wazoos, one of them looks at a dirty diaper and says, "THAT does come out of a wazoo."

  • JDunlap

    JDunlap The Dude

    11 months ago

    @Miles, you should watch the old TV show "The Pretender". He's basically got your ideal superpower.

  • nerty666


    11 months ago

    this one of the scary cartoon lol youtu.be/I3tVfs7jU2k King Ramses (Mini Clips From Courage The Cowardly Dog Show)

  • JSkinner


    11 months ago

    The villain in Heroes, his name was like Sylar or something. Named after a watch brand.
    He was a watch maker and his power was that he could completely unerstand something by seeing it's internal workings which is why he would cut people's heads open smiley1.gif First season was great. Saw the second and it was ok, didn't bother after that smiley4.gif

  • fishmasmouse


    11 months ago

    Puttputt was the best! And I totally remember that orange robot and his friend and cannot for the life of me remember what it was called. Brainpop, or something like that.

  • klima94


    11 months ago

    more, More MORE!!!

  • rissatron


    11 months ago

    When will there be some more of these? They're great!!!