• Episode 12

    RWBY: Episode 12

    RWBY is a new animated series from Rooster Teeth, directed by Monty Oum. The story focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.


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Comments (1045)

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    1 month ago

    The thuth and blackmail in one.

  • Tuggrknutz


    5 months ago

    @CFee50 He's trying, and failing at being Cinema Sins. If you don't know what that is, its a YouTube channel that points out inconsistencies in various movies, mostly to be funny. In this case, i'm assuming he tried, and got negmodded for it. Being a troll is only effective if you don't just post a wall of text; Yes, for what its worth, it follows the same style of Cinema Sins, but as far as text goes it doesn't hold up as well. Don't be upset, and don't react, you're only going to egg him on. Hope this helps friend! smiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

  • Cfee50


    6 months ago

    @TylerChurch2 what the fuck is your problem

  • Arbiter24


    7 months ago

    You can see Cardin in the window at 4:14

  • Kalathanon


    8 months ago

    Bartholomew! Need I say more?

  • TylerChurch2


    10 months ago

    1:26 in the last scene Professor was in front of the students desk but in this scene he is behind his desk. i'd award a sin for this, but then i'd have to award a sin for the fact he can move that fast. but i will because its not like it hasn't gotten any less stupid at this point. 1:43 The angle in the last scene suggets that juane would have to turn his head to see Phrrya, but the angle here says all he has to do is look over the professor's shoulders. 1:59 you are surprised Phrrya, your hints were not all that helpful. 2:05 last scene Cardins feet were on the floor and he was bent over his desk laughting but here he has his feet up and is leaning back as if he was doing that the whole time. The show thinks little mistakes like that i wont notice and i'm not okay with that. 2:10 that's racist. Also monty told his team i want cardin to be a racist a--hole so he'll look like even more of an a--hole. 2:20 so how was Jaune suppose to get that from your hints earlier? 2:40 the show thinks it can be cool and win back some points by setting up this awsome burn and you know what? show is right take off one sin. 3:35 Phrrya just watches as Cardin pushes Juane over and does nothing against him afterwards. 4:12 oh good for a second there i though the show was telling us that if you are depressed suicide is an option. 5:19 this scene right here tells us that professor Ospin knows this. But he didn't say or do anything. He kept to the strict set of rules with everyone else but not Jaune. Why? the plot later, professor ospin makes no sense. 5:59 okay first off, character who wants to prove himself cliche. Second, why would Jaune turn down her offer. Short of Phrrya straight up saying i want to f-ck you this is her saying i want to f-ck you. No guy in his right mind would turn this down. i know i wouldn't. 7:02 bad guy blackmails good guy into doing what they want cliche.

  • Kryaotic


    11 months ago


    Crack. Lots and lots of crack.

    Post edited 9/13/14 9:27PM

  • SCP_096


    1 year ago

    DAYUM, that professor can MOVE
    What the hell was in that coffee?

  • KaileeCollin


    1 year ago

    Watching all of season 1 with my little cousins and the youngest saw Jaune in this episode and pointed out "theres the puke guy"

  • Kalathanon


    1 year ago

    JOEL = FUN = Teacher? Eh i'll run with it.