• RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 2

    RWBY: RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 2

    Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this second diary, we follow the concept art and modeling phases, and take a peek at how Velvet's new look has evolved.


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Comments (269)

  • RagingGrape


    7 months ago

    This is really interesting I have always wanted to be able to animate and I love art

  • Kryaotic


    1 year ago

    /)O3O(\ Monty has a Gambol Shroud! TAKE MY MONEY!!! smiley0.gif

  • Syphie


    1 year ago

    Does anyone know where to get the wallpaper on the desktop at 5:10? Would really want to know

  • george1535


    1 year ago

    What program was being used at 1:21 ?

  • RocknRaccoon


    1 year ago

    I'm really glad they did these videos so that we all can know what goes into making this awesome show

  • AlexanderDe5


    1 year ago

    There seen to be a lot of problems with connecting to your website today guys. It's working perfectly well on other websites like Crunchy Roll, but here, it's having a bunch of issues =/. Anybody else encountering these problems where a big Exclamation mark will pop up in the middle of videos and advertisements, and you can't watch anything .-. ? I even tried viewing it from the facebook link I gave, and that won't even work =/

  • FinalTurnip


    1 year ago

    Man, I really would like to know what you have to study as a career choice to be part of a team like this. Like working with concept art and modeling. I have NO idea what such a career is called.

    If someone(from the comments or from Rooster Teeth) could push me in the right direction that would be amazing! And I would be very appreciative!

  • RamonRampaar


    1 year ago

    what is the brand of the tablet we saw when they were drawing velvet?

  • Magpul21


    1 year ago

    It might be the shoes, but something about Velvet's battle gear reminds me of Jean Butler.

  • misslepack


    1 year ago