• Episode 2

    The Gauntlet: Episode 2

    The contestants meet each other for the first time and get introduced to the Rooster Teeth staff, but all is not exactly as it appears...

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Comments (519)

  • Aqua113


    4 months ago

    As disappointed as I am, I'm glad Yoshi put up a good fight.

  • w4rh34d54


    1 year ago

    where did they get $10,000?

  • codster11


    1 year ago

    After Joel was like, THE Ohio State University I lost it hahahahahha

  • XDragonRageX


    1 year ago

    finally watching this and they captured a real live neckbeard faggot fedora wearing autistic

  • tour551


    1 year ago

    As soon as Super Smash Bros Melee was said, my face just turned into :DDDDD

  • OMalyDonut


    1 year ago

    LOL Joel. i would win this round by simply showing my love ti Gus and Joel.

  • Eagle954


    2 years ago

    Jacob was an asshole

  • RainbowStorm


    2 years ago

    Kyle was kind of an asshole, but Nadia seemed like a sore loser

  • SoraMay


    2 years ago

    I actually have Super Smash Bros Melee, but it's for a different system :3
    I was cheering for everyone...XD

  • EricHVela


    2 years ago

    I avoided watching these, because I feel so bad for reveling in someone's hard-won defeat, but I can't look away once I start watching. I want them all to win so bad that I find myself with clenched teeth and fists.

    Too late. I'm watching the rest of them now.