• Episode 4

    The Gauntlet: Episode 4

    The 3 teams square off on stage and rock out in Rock Band and the losers face a special guest in this week's episode of The Gauntlet

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Comments (310)

  • Thebignoose


    6 months ago

    I knew the GEICO gauntlet would be DDR, love how Monty was showing off his skills, RIP man.

  • RaZeR_Moose

    RaZeR_Moose RaZeR Moose

    8 months ago

    i miss monty R.I.P. smiley12.gif much love

  • Unlikable


    8 months ago

    Monty wins the gauntlet.

  • TombsTGMan


    1 year ago

    Monty is officially a god.

  • Gemisa


    1 year ago

    aww i don't know why but i cried a little on this one ;c

  • TashaxLotus


    1 year ago

    Ahhh I really did like the green team, especially the way Caleb interacted with them. Though I'm watching this pretty late and already know who wins, its nice to see the different teams... Also Burnie is awesome in his role smiley7.gif

  • JimmyBrown3


    1 year ago

    I hope Burnie is just being an asshole for the camera's sake.

  • PROpolisher


    1 year ago

    First time watching this, lol Monty is the Best I have ever seen! smiley0.gif

  • OneLoudNinja


    1 year ago

    Wow they lost green team, which had the most interesting players. An old guy finding a new light in gaming, a boyfriend looking to raise money for a wedding, a friend helping his bud with arthritis, and some guy who aways looks like he's blazing.

  • OMalyDonut


    1 year ago

    Joel lol. I love all the red vs blue songs