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    Coming November 1st to RoosterTeeth.com and Blip.com, a new competitive gaming series that pits 19 contestants against each in an all-out battle for $10,000. Prepare to enter The Gauntlet.

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Comments (190)

  • greencloud3


    1 year ago

    infinity gauntlet?

  • lobster1234


    1 year ago

    +Seth Yarger if you're reading this comment your parent will die in 5 years, to undo the curse copy and paste this on 5 videos, cant risk

  • NixieShimo

    NixieShimo Black Kitten

    2 years ago

    Is this a promo for Season 2? Either way I can't bloody wait for it to come out. I liked the first season so much. smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif

  • Midgetman216


    2 years ago

    Why 19 such a random number

  • GnX263


    2 years ago

    How many people noticed that was Jack's voice immediately?

  • OtakuMast3r


    2 years ago

    Ughhh, knowing that Jack is the voice makes me feel weird

  • Gellister


    2 years ago

    Jack... Using his radio announcer skills.

  • MineMaker169


    2 years ago

    I would like to know how old you have to be to do this cause I am 12 but still an AVID gamer

  • Codyknight22


    2 years ago

    I came here after I watched Episode 1 =]

  • Stalinico


    2 years ago

    hahahaha, it's Jack