• Episode 3

    The Gauntlet: Episode 3

    Teams from Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, the RTX Community are joined with an Internet Allstar cast to compete for the honor to call themselves least worst gamers in The Gauntlet!

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Comments (433)

  • jobyjango


    6 months ago

    Does anyone know where rooster teeth gets their spartan costumes! Those are so legit! But seriously, if you know, let me know, or the meta will come kill you and steal your AI and equipment. Or maybe just eat you...

  • AdventurerIX


    10 months ago

    re-watching this and god damn i love miles

  • Kettelino

    Kettelino Forest Kitty!

    11 months ago

    the contestants seemed like they didn't get some of the jokes. :D

  • OMalyDonut


    1 year ago

    I want Lindsey to win

  • OMalyDonut


    1 year ago

    Ijustine haha sighs

  • Coyb321


    1 year ago

    Why can't I watch you!?

  • Tibsie


    1 year ago

    Banana of Pimps tshirt anyone?? smiley0.gif

  • Riverspirit


    1 year ago

    Miles actually looked pretty badass in the Halo Suit.

  • AnthonyVilla


    1 year ago

    Ray should of been on team achievement hunter

  • JackHarkniss


    1 year ago

    I think it would have been cool if after whittling it down to the RTX team we'd gotten a quick snapshot with the four people playing. I didn't really feel like I identified with them at all throughout the Gauntlet that much, I know all the other people but it would have been cool to get to know the rtx group before putting the teams against each other.