• Episode 7

    The Gauntlet: Episode 7

    Teams Rooster Teeth and RTX have a showdown to see who will go to the final episode and then all the losing teams are brought back for a free for all redemption round deathmatch. He or She who finds redemption will join Team RTX or Rooster Teeth in the final episode.

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Comments (838)

  • Skychaserr


    2 days ago

    After rewatching this again, whoever edited this episode should get all the awards ever.

  • MGQ13


    5 months ago

    you guys had to pick the happiest puppy to be the redemption dog

  • Akamaru01


    7 months ago

    I normally don't complain but damn that was bullshit. I know this happened a long time ago but still.

  • Monkeyboy993


    7 months ago

    I don't think I can bring myself to watch the next episode. This one legitimately pissed me off. I'm not going to grace anymore videos that have Greg in them with my views. Camping may be a legitimate strategy, but that was not camping. That was hiding.

  • CaptainQWO


    1 year ago

    It's a legitimate strategy.

  • Fifenella


    1 year ago

    The camping victory still makes me sad.

  • brigitte


    1 year ago


  • TXBooks


    1 year ago

    "They're doing that just to 'smite' us"
    I love you Barbara

  • Soulcrux


    1 year ago

    Oh my god all the emotional death sequences like Ryan 's, and the betrayal from Michael .

    Also my ears felt so very violated at the end, especially with earphones in.

  • md1292


    1 year ago

    I could not stop laughing during this episode. The ending is unfornutate because Greg's win kind of justify camping . IT IS NOT A LEGITIMATE STRATEGY.
    I loved the musical cues; especially the Gavin/Michael scenes and with iJustine.