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  • vgun47


    #32400909 - 5 years ago

    Hello lads and laddets!

    this thread will be displaying details for AHUK play-dates that i shall be hosting on the weekends. all details will be displayed on the news journal of the groups page as well. i know that this group has been collecting dust for the last 6 months, and i now want to change that.

    so our first game is going to be Halo 4!
    ON:Saturday 8th of February 2014
    AT 15:00/3PM GMT
    to join, send a message to 'vgun7' on Xbox live and i shall send you and invite!
    since i have XBL again i want to try and get involved as much as i possibly can.

    if this goes well, i hope it can be a continuous thing, and i may be able to expand it!
    have a good week guys!