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The World as We Know It

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  • Amazing_Cam


    #32496336 - 5 years ago

    The world as we know it is at the calendar date August, 1968 in the town of Seattle WA.

    There are lots of people in Seattle with lots of stories to be told, and one day, perhaps all of them will have their day in the spotlight. This thread, however, only serves to document those that currently have a game to tell them.

    The first of these is our flagship game, Any Port in the Storm. This game takes place exclusively on the property of Jackson's Pub, located off of Highway 99 by the shore of Puget Sound. The bar is home to all sorts of the city's nefarious riffraff, and is the unofficial neutral ground between all of the operators in Seattle.
    Jackson's property includes the bar itself, which is rather large on its own. The property also includes an old lighthouse and working dock and pier.

    I encourage the players to create their own organizations and peoples to fill Jackon's and the rest of Seattle and to run their own games in cooperation with mine. Jackon's works on the idea of every guy know's a guy. I intend to create the bridge between a whole host of other games and stories occurring in a larger world.