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  • jxdalton

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    #33735865 - 10 months ago

    Fan Art Friday is back! Last week, we got some incredible art from you, and can't wait for you to see the winner this Friday! Just keep your eyes peeled on the front page of! One of your works of art will be featured in Rooster Teeth Poppycock!

    Read on for rules, tips, and more!

    In order to create more interesting content, we're going to ask that you give us a little background info on each piece, so we can write about it when you win!!! Please copy-paste the following into your entry and fill it out!

    • 1. What's your name?
    • 2. Where do you live?
    • 3. What do you do?
    • 4. How did you create this piece?
    • 5. How long did it take?
    • 6. What was your inspiration?

    PROTIPS for the best shot at winning:

    • Maximize your votes. While getting the most votes does not guarantee victory, you must be in the top 5 to be selected!
    • Enter early (the earliest entries have more time to get votes)!
    • Join and follow the BIGBITE group to get a notification when we launch each new contest!
    • If people liked it, but it didn't win, enter it again!
    • Make sure the post shows up correctly--direct links tended to do far worse than embedded images.
    • Get on your social media accounts and tell your friends to vote for you! Don't forget to give them the direct link to your post. (That's the hyperlink on your post number, kids!)

    So, here's the rules (updates in bold):

    • Upload your fan art to this thread.
    • Copy and paste the above background info on your piece and fill it out.
    • Need help uploading images here? CLICK HERE.
    • One entry per person, per week. If you submit more than one image in a single post, you will be judged on the first image. Multiple images of the same 3D item are permitted.
    • The fan art is to be of RT and Let's Play family topics.
    • Previous entries may be re-entered, provided they have never won.
    • You may win multiple times, and previously being featured in BIGBITE.Media does not preclude you from winning.
    • Entries must be received by 11:59PM CST on Wednesday, 08.29.2018
    • The top 5 modded posts will be selected as finalists (read: GO TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE!)
    • The winner will be selected by BIGBITE and/or RT staff. In the event of a tie in the selection committee vote, the piece with the highest number of mods will be selected.
    • Winner's art will be featured in Fan Art Friday on!

    If you have any questions, shoot me a message.

    Good luck, and we'll see you on the front page!


    Joe Dalton

    CEO, BIGBITE Media

    Legal crap we should probably say so that nobody gets sued: By entering art in the contest, you certify that this is, indeed, your own work. BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth maintain editorial control of all art, and may deem any work ineligible at their discretion, for any reason. By entering art in the contest, you grant BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth full rights to reproduce and use your art, We may also share some of our favorite entries on our social media channels; however, you will receive proper attribution for your work. BIGBITE and Rooster Teeth reserve the right to alter, end, or cancel this contest for any reason at any time, without prior notice.

  • AnarachyHamster

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    #33736043 - 10 months ago

    • 1. What's your name? Ronald Johnson
    • 2. Where do you live? North Carolina
    • 3. What do you do? Retail
    • 4. How did you create this piece? Sketch then Photoshop
    • 5. How long did it take? Two Days
    • 6. What was your inspiration?  I as just bringing all the episodes of NoN while looking through my reference sheets as I just let my hand do its own thing. Skout has always been my favorite of the show with just how sweet and lovable she is. Just my hand just started to draw her before I realized it.


  • cookiethecat


    #33736508 - 10 months ago


    1. What's your name?

    Kiera Noble 

    2. Where do you live?

    Huntington Beach, CA

    3. What do you do?

    Food service at Disney's California Adventure park

    4. How did you create this piece?

    I use Clip Studio Paint and my drawing tablet (Huion) 

    5. How long did it take?

    6-8 hours over the course of 3 days

    6. What was your inspiration?

    The newest season of RvB is amazing and I loved the ending so much! Callbacks to the BGC is always nice to see. I can't wait to see where it goes next! 

  • teFlyingNinj


    #33736557 - 10 months ago

    NYON- Chapter 2

    • 1. What's your name?
      Stephen Mitchell
    • 2. Where do you live?
      Conroe, TX
    • 3. What do you do?
      I'm a freelancing 3D artist, ranging from modeling, texturing, animation, and video editing.
    • 4. How did you create this piece? 
      Like any typical passion project for animation. We used Maya, Photoshop, After effects, Premiere Pro, blood, sweat, and tears with a ton of teamwork.

    • 5. How long did it take? 
      Two years, starting right after the first episode with upgrading the characters. 
    • 6. What was your inspiration?
      Monty's work with RWBY, Dead Fantasy, RvB, and Haloid. Haloid motivated me to begin learning animation; after seeing the Red trailer, I wanted to create my own RWBY team and continue pursuing animation.