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Best Assassinations (and Attempts)

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  • MoonChaser


    #30522454 - 10 years ago

    OK, so I wanna hear about all the cool ways you've killed people and all the hilarious FAIL moments you had. I'll go first.

    This one isn't so great, anyone could do it, but it was awesome at the time.
    I was in Acre, looking for flags. Found one on the rim of a parapet. There were two guards standing there, and they hadn't seen me yet. So I walk up to the first guy and stab him in the back. The second guard is actually staring off in the other direction, so I stab him too. They're both dead by the time the first one hits the ground. A two for one. lol

    I also loved my version of the Doctor's assassination.
    I walk through the whole place with a group of Scholars. I get to the table where the Doctor is working on some guy and just stop. The Scholars walk on. The Doctor turns. Sees me. I walk up. Stab him in the neck. It was EPIC. In my opinion. lol

    OK, you go. :D