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  • AnreRakamee5


    #30244582 - 10 years ago

    Since no one seemed to pay attention to the news topic, lets post it on a forum. It will be better.

    Name: Anre 'Nar Rakam

    Skill: Highly skilled fighter. He can use just about anything. (On Halo 3, I am a 47 Brigadier grade 3)

    Favorite Weapons: Beam Rifle, Energy Sword

    Colors: White and Steel

    Background Story: Anre 'Nar Rakam was born in 2522 on Yermo, Sanghelios. As he grew up, he was taught combat by his father who was a Supreme Commander. Everything Anre knows was from him.

    Anre's first mission was on Halo, Installation 05. He was to try to guard a weapons facility, later found out to be where the flood was, and was nearly killed but did manage to escape as the only one alive in that place when the flood was released. He then ended up having to escape Halo when it was destroyed and was one of the few surviving elites that escape Halo.

    During the covenant civil war he was finally a Supreme Commander but had to flee with his crew of elites due to the overwhelming number of brute ships that attacked him. He joined up later with Rtas 'Vadum with the Arbiter in order to retaliate with the humans against the Chieftain, Tartarus. He was sent down there with Rtas to help the Arbiter reach Tartarus and actually fought with several elites from the Covenant Squad Omega group against the cheiftain. Arbiter finally managed to kill him with our help.

    Anre was finally promoted to Imperial Admiral and took control of the Covenant Squad Omegas fleet and combined with Rtas's, they managed to crush brute opposition finally on November, 2553. Later he transferred to the Sovereign Guard fleet as an Ultra.

    (That's very brief description from the full story and I used two of my old clans in this. And many were wrong about the Sangheili Ranks. My Sovereign Guard clan leader went to bungie not to long since he was invited after a close friend of his got invited after he recovered from cancer through the Make a Wish foundation. They asked bungie about the elites and we found out that Ultra is higher than Zealot and Zealot is actually not a real rank. I will update more to come as I find out more.)

  • Ekes_Awxatee


    #30244583 - 10 years ago

    Name: Ekes Awxatee
    skill: stealth, heavy weapons, sword weilding
    fav weapons: brute shot, dual energy swords (check my pic), invisibility.
    colors: brown and black (former, father`s) green and black councilor armor (curent)
    background: all thats known about this mysterious elite is that after he was born (his mother died in labor) he was sent to the Exhile island (with his father) because of the
    Mark of Mystery, which means that he is going to be very powerful, it does not state wether it is good or bad.

  • Ekes_Awxatee


    #30244584 - 10 years ago

    it woudn't let me type more. contin.
    and the prophets didnt want to take chances. Later his father was killed by Caro Nomanee, and since Ekes didnt have armor, he put on his fathers. After the burial Ekes became so mad he killed Caros wife and kids by burning their home. Caro then killed himself when he heard his family is dead. After a couple years the Councilor came to take Ekes as an aprentice, later Ekes became one of the councilors and has gotten his own armor. When the covenant civil war started he

  • Ekes_Awxatee


    #30244585 - 10 years ago

    fought Tartarus with others like Rtas Vadum, Anre Rakamee, and Anes Cupatee. In the end Ekes became the Councilor.

  • Zeke2049


    #30244586 - 10 years ago

    Name: Seta Sejom

    Skill: Distraction/Bait, anti-vehicle, and harassment.

    Preferred weapons: Sniper, Battle-Rifle, and Laser.

    Armor Color: Steel and Gold

    Background: Origin and bloodline unknown. Taken in by human forces, and was educated in their fighting style, and weaponry. Was used as bait due to the fact of ability to sprint faster than human counterparts. Is currently part of special forces, and will not give up no matter the odds.

  • ownatron


    #30244587 - 10 years ago

    Name: Asgl Motos

    Skill: Leader

    Preffered weapons: Plasma rifle, Energy Sword and Carbine

    Armour: Combat helmet, Commando shoulders and chest. Red with Tan trim

    Background: Graduated from a military collage on Sanghielios in September 2552 and was a major by the initiation of the Covenant civil war. He hijacked a brute occupied phantom to get his family off High Charity and participated in the battle of the Ark aboard the CCS battle-cruiser Vindication.
    He fought alongside the Arbiter in the attack on the citidel and stole a banshee to help attack the Scarabs. noone knows how he stole it.

    after the war conclude he remained on earth for diplomatic reasons and because he was well aquainted with the workings of Covenant technology

  • ownatron


    #30244588 - 10 years ago

    I came up with this guy on the spot (based on an existing charecter) and i would acutaly like to redo him more true to the origional.

  • ownatron


    #30244589 - 10 years ago

    or i might make a new one on old profile with a new name

  • ownatron


    #30244590 - 10 years ago

    Name: Erro Nakum

    Rank: Zeolot Fieldmaster

    Skills: Leadership, Close combat

    Preffered weapons: Needler and Energy sword

    Armour: Gold with Black trim(usual), All Black (Combat)

    Background: Very reclusive and enigmatic. unlike most elite officers he sees potential in grunts if applied properly and outfits all under his command with needlers instead of useless plasma pistols to make the most of the usual swarming tactics. the moral boost that his respect generates also improves the effectiveness of his subordinates.
    His only real friend is his Grunt Personal Assistant, Sasap, and he works closely with Asgl Motos, bordering on being friends.
    Found a loophole in the documents of Sanghieli law according to tradition that allowed him to marry Haro Satus.

  • Chiron723

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    #30244591 - 10 years ago

    Name: Enva 'Ihcatee.

    Rank: Elite Major

    Preffered weapon: Carbine and Energy sword

  • AnreRakamee5


    #30244592 - 10 years ago

    You can make it more detailed than that Chiron723

  • 99caboose99


    #30244593 - 9 years ago

    Name: Raberter

    Rank: Honour Guard

    Favourite weapon: Energy Sword and Needeler

    Colours: Blue and Yellow

    Backround Story: Raberter was raised by the elderly elites, he became a succesfull honour guard but Raberter was getting tired of serving the prophets. A few days later the prophets killed the elderly elites because the prophets had no use for them. Then one day when Raberter was guarding the prophets he turned around and stabbed one of the prophets then he stabbed the other prophets and instead of the elites going after him thay knelled down to him and said

    ''thank you for this glorious day young elite'' and he became the leader of the covenant and made peace with the humans

  • ownatron


    #30244594 - 9 years ago

    In reply to 99caboose99, #12:

    it must hurt to suck on so many levels

  • Zeke2049


    #30244595 - 9 years ago

    In reply to ownatron, #13:

    That was uncalled for

  • AnreRakamee5


    #30244596 - 9 years ago

    In reply to 99caboose99, #12:

    I am not doing this to bash or insult you but you can't sway from the actual Halo storyline especially in a clan. For one that goes against everything I have in Anre 'Nar Rakams story and just about everyone elses and two, you could be way more creative and stay on the story of Halo itself.