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Which show was Caboose the best on

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  • armymanrocks


    #30179772 - 10 years ago

    I was wandering what show you thought caboose did the best on. Well I think the original Red vs. Blue. Why? He was hilrious

  • VidGameDude


    #30179773 - 10 years ago

    he did good on the holiday specials in my opinion

  • mrhyde21


    #30179774 - 10 years ago

    he was good in the originals, but there was more of them to pick from. he was awesome in reconstruction. but we didnt see as much of him as it was short an mainly about church. hoping we shall see some more of his antics in relocated soon.

  • Forgo


    #30179775 - 10 years ago

    caboose is and always be funny....but his best is the original i mean who else but caboose can fall in love with a tank.....

  • four_winds


    #30179776 - 10 years ago

    All! I liked him in all of them!

  • CptJack42


    #30179777 - 10 years ago

    Nothing beats the original ones. Season 5 was probably his best, though.

  • effshews


    #30179778 - 10 years ago

    My vote goes to the 2008 Thanksgiving PDA.

    Grandma, Noooooo!!!!!

  • SpaceStatic


    #30179779 - 10 years ago

    mine would be the entire recunstruction... Wash: Worst throw ever. Caboose: not my fault someone put a wall in my way.

  • duality2


    #30179780 - 10 years ago

    mine would be and only be the episode where sister arrives when the ship crashes on doughnut

    caboose favorite lines -

    "my body is trying to die"
    "oh no dont let me turn"
    "now the doc cursing at me"

  • Bones090980


    #30179781 - 10 years ago

    This is a tough one considering that Caboose has many moments. Several which consist of killing church. For now I would have to go with the period of time he was paired up with Sarge from the Reds. Great quote from that season: "I hate babies". After all, it was around time that Caboose activated the bomb in Church making it another -1 for him. Way to go Caboose!

  • dyeriuss


    #30179782 - 10 years ago

    fourth of july one

  • dyeriuss


    #30179783 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Forgo, #4:

    lopez can

  • pkendall59


    #30179784 - 10 years ago

    My fav was when Caboose said" I do not want to catch pregnancie" poor knocked up by aliens Tucker, by the way, where is Tucker? smiley0.gif

  • duality2


    #30179785 - 10 years ago

    the one where caboose is with sarge and trying to get angry

  • Clampers


    #30179786 - 10 years ago

    RVB blood gulch chronicles episode 76 (extended), hillerious at the end

  • BeanZ101


    #30179787 - 10 years ago

    I would have to go with the first 3 seasons, but if I had to chose ONLY ONE then it would be 3 with his famous line " I am Michelle J. Caboose, and I, HATE, BABIES."