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  • CainVoorhees


    #31072872 - 8 years ago

    So what's your favorite...


    Discuss. No flaming or -50 mods upon you.

  • Sephiroth0


    #31072874 - 8 years ago

    Band: Metallica
    Game: Tie right now between Halo: Reach and Fable 3
    Color: Blue
    Animal: Dogs

  • ShadowFoxXP


    #31072875 - 8 years ago

    (Hollow ShadowFox)

    Band: Disturbed
    Game: HALO Reach
    Color: Red
    Animal: Werewolf Dragon Hybrid


    Band: Gorillaz
    Game: All of the HALO series
    Color: Blue
    Animal: (Real) Siberian White Tiger (Mythical) Dragon