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  • Biolith


    #4463280 - 13 years ago

    For JACON next year. Let people know what you're doing now, they'll know what to expect. Include cosplay characters (if you want to.).

    First up: I believe that I do have enough time this year to put together a costume.

    My cosplay: I'm going to attempt to cosplay the Marine from the Doom series. I'm going to be creating his weapons, and if all goes well, I will have a Plasma Gun and a BFG 9000 that I can reload (I'm even going to try to make some plasma cells out of some jars painted a flourescent blue). Lemme know if you have any tips/tricks that would make things easier for me.

  • John117_MC


    #4465594 - 13 years ago

    No. One year in advance? I don't think so.

  • eponymous

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    #4465946 - 13 years ago

    How about at least waiting until it's actually 2007 to start a thread for an event that won't happen for almost a year?