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  • DocRossim


    #30194887 - 10 years ago

    We talk about having respect for others, but what does this really mean?
    Is it about treating everyone the same, or do some people earn the right to be respected more whereas the actions of others mean we should not show them respect, and is there ever a reason to treat people differently according to a fundemental part of their nature such as race or disability?

    Your thoughts please.

  • MoonFire77


    #30194888 - 10 years ago

    I think respect & decency should walk hand in hand & That we should show it to Everyone & ourselves. But yes there are times when certain people have lost our trust & respect, they need to Earn it back, but should still be treated with Common Decency & No one should be denied Respect or Decency because of thier race, religion, sexual preferences or thier Ideals. Because we all have the Right To Be! The problem is getting Everyone to show each other Respect of any kind. I usually Show Great kindness & Respect to Everyone, until they give me a reason not to, but I still respect thier right to be who they are & try not to be rude...just disassociate.

  • DocRossim


    #30194889 - 10 years ago

    In reply to MoonFire77, #2:
    I agree totally, although went you say "sexual preference", I presume you mean this in terms of which gender one is naturally drawn to. Some... phillias are, of course, very wrong, such as paedophillia and voraphillia.

    And, of course, we would have to treat a person who is physically disabled differently because of their particular disability -- we provide for the deaf by providing subtitles and sign-language versions of a television show, we provide for the blind by putting brail on signs and we provide for those confined to a wheelchair by including ramps and elevators in the design of buildings, but this is to do with people's needs, so they are exceptions that must be made. Socially, though, it is important to remember that people are no less of a person due to a disability.

    But otherwise, yes, you make an excellent summary.

  • DocRossim


    #30194890 - 10 years ago

    Okay, new topic: How do we SHOW respect for others, and is there a good way of telling/showing someone you've lost respect for them?