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Dead of Night

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  • Sindre1


    #31267804 - 8 years ago

    Dead on, or dying on stage?

  • Dawkin


    #31267805 - 8 years ago

    Read title, no TW:MD tag, thought something had happenned without me knowing. Herp Derp. smiley7.gif

    BTW, haven't seen it because Auntie are awful at getting a British show aired at the same time as the rest of the world. Fear not I will be watching on Thursday smiley6.gif

  • Sindre1


    #31267806 - 8 years ago

    In reply to Dawkin, #2:

    Aw crap.
    I was tired, ok :P

    I know. It sucks :(
    Good. Did not think you liked TW ^^