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Edgar clearly never wants to Leave

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  • Daisy97Morg


    #32268225 - 6 years ago

    Face it, we all saw Edgar fighting to get back inside Ryans home when he could have bailed . He obviously loves it there! The fact that hes still alive suggests that Ryan feeds him and makes sure hes well looked after haha. I know hes underground but on the brightside, think of it as a means of protection. If acheivment city blows up then atleast he has mild protection.

  • CaptainAchievement

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    #32268226 - 6 years ago

    Good point. I think that's pretty funny; the last couple of times Achievement City blew up, Kung Fu house (and Edgar) were almost completely safe. Proof that Edgar is well protected, thanks to Ryan.In reply to Daisy97Morg, #1:

  • Daisy97Morg


    #32268227 - 6 years ago

    In reply to CaptainAlpha, #2:

    hahaha thanks! took me a long time to think of that