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  • DocRossim


    #30151517 - 10 years ago

    A thread for posting your own dragon-related artwork!
    Anything you've drawn that's draconic.
    Why don't I get us started off with two polar-opposite pictures:


    One comical "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons" poster, though obviously showing a dragon in an agressive nature, and one pic featuring Fern, my Friendly Forest Dragon. Similar arrangement, completely different contexts.

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  • Zankaru


    #30151518 - 10 years ago

    this is the first and only time i drew something besides symbols ever......can you tell? lol =)


  • DocRossim


    #30151519 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Zankaru, #2:
    I think that's an excellent first drawing! With practice you could be quite an artist, you just need to have a look at the way in which real animals are structured, examine existing draconic art, and keep practicing until you get something you're pleased with, and eventually it'll come almost naturally.

  • Zankaru


    #30151520 - 10 years ago

    once i have the time =)

  • TheTaco007


    #30151521 - 10 years ago



  • LegendaryE

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    #30151522 - 9 years ago

    See all my dragon artwork there, certainly not masterpieces but its getting there (always start off small and then expand is what I say).