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  • AJF117


    #32702116 - 4 years ago


    Physical Description:
    Height :

    Personality type:

    Worn clothing/uniform:



  • ShitsBroke51


    #32702117 - 4 years ago

    Name: Lcpl Adam Greenwood

    Physical Description: Slim and lean, very little fat, and more on the skinny side.
    Age: 21
    Height : 5'8"
    Weight: 140lb

    Personality type: More of a lawful neutral, Adam rarely gets mad unless someone is trying to bother him, and as others in the marines, prefers to get the point on the job instead of chatting around. He enjoys a good beer on down time and before the fall, used to go out with family shooting.
    Habits(optional): TBA
    Bio/history: TBA

    Worn clothing/uniform:

    Weapons: M4 with foregrip, bipod, and peq 15
    Protection: Standard Marine loadout: SAPI plate carrier, kevlar with tac mount, engineer gloves,
    Tools: Gerber Multitool,pencil

    Skills/training: Network and System Maintenence, Basic Rifle training, chemical warfare, LAV maintenence and use.

  • AJF117


    #32702118 - 4 years ago

    Name: Sergeant Alexander Smith

    Physical Description: He has a fairly muscular build, blue eyes, brown hair, and fairly pale skin as a result of wearing power armor.
    Age: 24
    Height : 6'5 without armor, and 6'11 with armor.
    Weight: 177 pounds

    Personality type: Will just develop his personality over the course of the RP.
    Habits(optional): TBA
    Bio/history: TBA

    Worn clothing/uniform:

    Weapons: GE M134 Minigun, two customized M1911 handguns nicknamed Ebony & Ivory, and a Bowie knife.
    Protection: PXS-99 Powered Infantry Armor
    Tools: Entrenching Tool, Gerber Multitool.

    Skills/training: Power Armor training, Power Armor technician training, heavy weapons training, and basic rifle training.

  • cote117


    #32702119 - 4 years ago

    Name: Theo

    Physical Description: Pale skin due to living in Anchorage for most his life. Mahogany eyes, and Dark brown hair.
    Age: 21
    Height : 5'8"
    Weight: 180lbs

    Personality type: Calm, Sarcastic, Level headed, Knowledgeable
    Habits(optional): Smokes cigars when he finds them. Always has shine on him
    Bio/history: Being born and raised in Alaska, Theo had plenty of time on his hands allowing him tinker and work on his marksmanship, Survival training in Dec.-Feb, Black smithing as a hobby, typical alaskan life. When Shit hit the fan, he and many other people assisted the military till they were over ran. He was one of the very few privileged Civilians to learn how to maintain and use power armor. When the dust died down, he raided Fort Richardson, and came by a suit of power armor.

    Worn clothing/uniform: Black duster, Balaclava, and glasses

    Weapons: LSAT LMG, Home made Gladius
    Protection: US Army DS-60 prototype armor

    Tools: Basic hand tools, Thermite, Plenty of ammunition

    Skills/training: Power armor training, Marksmanship (Given being alaskan), Melee, Repair, and arctic Survival