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  • Nafru


    #5214748 - 13 years ago

    For those of you interested, we now have the first two episodes of the Military Cyborg Files up on the website in Hi Res as free downloads to anyone who is logged into the site with an account.

    The website is located at and once you are signed up you will be able to find a variety of videos in the "downloads" area on the site including the Military Cyborg Files.

  • MarlaLatete


    #5214794 - 13 years ago

    Great to see the MC finally out struttin his stuff! He looks good, damned good!

    The first 2 videos turned out wicked. Looking forward to seeing more, and maybe getting to meet the Military Cyborg this weekend at the Calgary Con-Version being held in the Best Western Hospitality Inn. All the other geeks and I will see MC there!

  • Suprsim


    #5251908 - 13 years ago

    Haha! Good stuff! Episode 0 is pretty cheezy, especialy the acting, but episode 1, thats priceless! I can't wait to see more of that series, not to mention the dragon hunt and Around Town. The website seems to be shaping up nicely as well.

    I mean, holy crap, a REAL live MC! The videos are worth watching just to see that! I don't understand how so few people are on that website with that much awesome stuff on it.

  • Nafru


    #5341069 - 13 years ago

    Episode 2, Maestro Cyborg went up today to bring the total videos to 3 in the series.
    More are being produced as I type. With luck it will go over well.

  • farrarn


    #5367097 - 13 years ago

    cool dude looks nice but look at mine on my website

    my website:

  • Nafru


    #5386083 - 13 years ago

    Our last episode( Episode 2 Maestro Cyborg) was submitted to for the peer review. It was met with a lot of feedback (mostly saying that it was not machinima as the most negative feedback <no kidding>) and comments.

    We waited for all the info to come back in for the 10 reviews and passed it. No small feet when you look at the stats on how many are submitted and how few actually get through to the other side for front page status.

    The episode is now up on the site as a free public downloadin low res for those interested.

    The website now also has some other content such as a web comic that is now up and a new segment called "Dumb Ass" that will be up shortly.

    The site can be found at

  • Nafru


    #5400159 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Tykell, #7:

    Well aren’t you sweet.

    First off you have not even signed up to see the videos, so you have no idea what the hell you are talking about, second your an asshole going around to every thread there is saying things suck.

    Dude, start by getting a job, stop cutting yourself and stop attempting to bring everyone down to your level of Emo. IF you are going to post something in a forum like this, make sure you have actually seen what it is that people are talking about, provide feedback that is meaningful and will help them improve on what they are doing and don’t post to prove that you are an asshole that has not learned to grow up yet.

    Run along now and let the grown up people talk.

  • 5hi5n0


    #5409428 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Nafru, #6:

    Just saw the first one, and it's pretty good. Master of stealth, that cyborg.

  • Nafru


    #5489159 - 12 years ago

    Our Military Cyborg is not the smartest guy in the universe.
    I am glad you liked it! We will have a bunch more out shortly. (we are attempting to get as much shot before the snow hits as we can)

    We dropped in a few other features. We now have the web comic up (dropping one per week) and we started up a new segment called "Dumb Ass" that so far everyone loves.

    I hope that we can keep you interested enough to keep coming back!

  • Nafru


    #5551654 - 12 years ago

    We started up a new set of videos called "Dumb Ass".
    The first one (The Nicaraguan Facial) came out last week, but we have several more on the way. (you will need an account to download the video but they are free and safe)
    We have also added comics and a bunch of other video sets and the site is starting to grow in both content as well as numbers.
    Let me know what you think!