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Black Ops Action Machinima [NEED ACTORS]

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  • TheHatOfWin


    #14831855 - 8 years ago

    Quick Note: You need the map pack that has stockpile, which I believe also has call of the dead... Having all the map packs is great, because we may be doing more on multiple maps, but right now I only plan on one, or a two parter. EDIT: but I do plan to do a comedy based in black ops, and will pull from the group (if i get one) i get here to do it. This is mainly to 1) Make a cool action video 2) Get to know the process of putting together a blackops video.

    I'm going to be making a action-y black ops video, so I'm looking for actors and voice actors. No need to submit a application, just contact me through any of methods listed below, but read the rest of the post first. There is no set limit on how many people can act in it (because the actor may be off, but as long as someone is on it's fine) but I will kick and remove you from the credits if you are rude, messing around, or just annoying.

    So if you want to help, contact me through.

    Xbox (Not the best way to contact me, I'm not on often (but I will be to do this machinima)) : TheHatofWin

    Skype (The best and preferred way to get through to me, I am almost ALWAYS on) : TheHatofWin

    This thread (I won't be checking up on this that often.)

    Message me (I won't be checking up on this that often either.)

    Recording Schedule

    There is none set, I will record if enough people are on, and if not then i will post here something like "recording in 30 mins"

    Currently I am accepting actors, I will start recording (if I get enough people interested) in 30 minutes about.

    If you want to know what the machinima is about, contact me. It's going to be a very action-y video, I can tell you that.

    EDIT: I've posted this to a couple of forums, and have gotten no response, hopefully it will be different here...

    DOUBL EDIT: If I broke one the rules, I'm sorry. I have been going to this site for a LONG time, but have never been to the forums.

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  • TuxedoJericho

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    #14838474 - 7 years ago

    May I make a suggestion?

    Don't record on a schedule. Most people you might get over the net on programs such as skype as they don't have similar equipment and the audio quality could be vastly different. Also, dive more than a 30 minute warning. for recording on the net. Instead send a to your actors and say, "Hey, I'm looking toward Wednesday at 9pm Eastern to record some lines. You may want to opt to send the voice actors lines via email, and ask them if they can get you a recording by a certain date. Be sure to give them around a week to get it done, just in the event that they have a real heavy schedule.

    Have some people audition from the net, but try to have a good portion of local friends to record the important voices. This way, you don't have to rely on some jackass on the net constantly to get stuff done for you, and if you do cast someone from the net, be sure if they are an important character to have a replacement in mind, just in case they flake.